Fog System

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Fog System Description

At Fog Systems, Inc., we have over ten years of experience providing a wide variety of customers with the best fog misting systems available. These fog mist systems provide the ultimate performance in outdoor fog misting and cooling. By utilizing high pressure pumps, water is forced through the tubing and out precisely machined high pressure fog misting nozzles. This process produces water droplets that are so tiny, they create a cloud of refreshing fog-like mist.

Fog systems are used in backyard patios as well as large commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, or amusement parks. Many utilize these systems to keep animals comfortable in extreme environments. Fogging is also valuable for humidification in industries such as woodworking, wine making, textiles, baking, plant propagation, and cold storage.

fog system

Fog mist systems are also used to produce special effects for the entertainment industry. High quality fog nozzles create dramatic presentations without the use of any harsh chemicals. The fog is produced by pressurizing pure water. We have export middle east , asia ,Turkey ,Germany and so on.